Project Description

Dance Radio UK was originally a dance and electronic music station which began broadcasting online in 2011. Originally the site hosted one station with a mix of genres, but the decision was made to start a second station in 2012 called Box Radio.

The brief was a full rebranding of both stations. The roots of the original station are in the West Midlands pirate radio scene of the early 1990’s, so the visual style had to reference this in some way. Also, as the URL performed very well, this was to be kept as the main website for both stations. Three websites (one for the main website and one for each station) and various icons, promotional graphics and web banners were created as part of this project.

Eventually the decision was made to create a brand and rename the two stations Box UK and Dance UK. Both stations were given their own logos and colourways.

The main logo uses a simplified icon of a vinyl record, as a nod to the origins of both stations and the music of the eras which influenced their creation and music style.

Dance UK has more direct links to its underground radio roots in style and music content, so the logo drew influence from spectrum analysers and the infamous tower blocks which were used as transmitter stations for the pirates. The idea behind the Box UK logo came from the Rubik’s cube and 80’s nostalgia, as the station plays a mix of old and new music and would be likely to appeal to the age demographic who would remember the 80’s as the time they grew up.

The main website was designed with features which were relevant to each station, with a link to each station’s own website. The websites for Box UK and Dance UK needed many features adding, for example music and video stream players, schedules and chatrooms, as well as “Playing Now” information for the front page of the main website. later announced their intention to launch a third station, Evolve UK. This was intended as a participation project to work with the community and offer DJ and presenter training programmes to local youths on a live radio station. Unfortunately this never came to fruition, but a logo was designed in preparation.