Project Description

User interface design and logo for ebuddi, an app developed for Masanga Hospital, Sierra Leone. The app is an intuitive virtual classroom, originally designed to assist with the training of healthcare staff treating Ebola patients. The app walks the user through the triage process, describes how to safely put on and remove PPE without contracting or spreading the virus to others, as well as highlighting potential hazards to medics, other staff and members of the public who risk coming into contact with the disease.

The project involved working alongside a remote team, in particular the UX designer. My task was the creation of a logo and a full user interface with dialog boxes, icons, progress bars etc. The brief stated that icons (alongside a voice over) should be used throughout to represent the many different options and actions rather than text, as there was a high likelihood that some of the users of the app would be illiterate. Additionally, many of the people using the app would not have computer literacy or the same understandings of the conventions of a user interface as we do, which presented a unique challenge. This involved refining and simplifying the graphical content to a level where the end user would understand it, and responding to direct feedback from the team of medics testing the app in Sierra Leone.